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About Scarpini Studio

Maria Scarpini - Principal - at work in the studio - ScarpiniStudio Fine Art Conservation & Restoration

Principal - Maria Scarpini

A member of the AIC (American Institute for Conservation), Maria specializes in restoring modern and contemporary art, 19th-century, and old masters.

After graduating from the Universitá Internazionale dell'Arte in Florence in 1982, she began her restoration career in Milan in 1983 with frescoes and large-scale altar paintings on canvas at Studio Parma.

Maria further expanded her knowledge and experience in Rome with Coop CBC in various media, from monuments and frescoes to paintings on canvas and panels. 

In 1993, she established a private conservation practice in Milan, working for several institutions, including PAC in Milan (Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea) and the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome.

In 1997, she relocated to New York City, where she worked with Robert Sawchuck and the Conservation Department of the Guggenheim Museum, among others. 

Maria translated Gerry Hedley's influential essay "On Humanism, Aesthetics and the Cleaning Of Paintings" from English for the Italian Publisher Il Prato.

She established ScarpiniStudio in 2003, during an internship at the Museum of Modern Art. 

In addition to her years of dedicated work as an art conservator, Maria is also an accomplished painter.

Maria Scarpini Curriculum Vitae

Specialities are Modern and Contemporary, Barbizon School, and 19th Century European Academic paintings.


Milano, Liceo Artistico.

Firenze, Universita` Internazionale Dell’Arte. Diploma in Conservation of Artwork and Restoration Theory.
Roma, Universita` degli Studi La Sapienza.
Courses attended: Iconology, Contemporary Art History, Modern Art History, Venetian Art History, Modern History, and History of Religions. Exams: History of religions, Modern History, Modern Art History, Contemporary art History.

Advanced Study
Milano, Studio Parma. Internship in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Frescoes. 
Botticino, Brescia. Regional Institute for the Valorization of Cultural Patrimony, Advanced seminars and workshops in Conservational Chemistry.

Roma, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna. The Conservation Department. Internship in Contemporary Art Conservation Techniques.
Milano, Associazione Conservatori Restauratori (ACR). Attends Seminars conducted by Doctor. Paolo Cremonesi, on New Materials and Methodologies for the Cleaning of Paintings.
New York, The Museum of Modern Art. Internship in The Conservation Department. Research in Relining Conservation Techniques under the Supervision of Ms. Eugena Ordonez. Documentation of MoMA Sculpture Collection.
Westlake Conservators, Skeneateles, NY ‘‘structural Problem Solving on Painting on Canvas” Workshop held by Matteo Rossi Doria and Vishwa Mehra.
TechFocus: Caring for Video Art- Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum-FAIC- AIC.

Professional Experience

Restoration of Paintings on Canvas, Panel and Mixed Media. 

(List of conserved or restored artists is available here)

Roma, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Palazzo Braschi, Museo di Roma. XX Century Paintings on Canvas by various Artists from the Collection. In collaboration with Conservazione Beni Culturali (CBC) Coop., Roma.
Zagarolo, Roma. Cattedrale di S. Pietro Apostolo. XVII Century Oil on Canvas. Altarpieces by Giuseppe and Tommaso Chiari “La Consegna delle Chiavi “. In collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.
Roma, Sanctuary of S. Donato, Val di Comino. XVII Century, Four Oils on Canvas. Valenzuela Studio, Roma. Collaboration with Marisol Valenzuela.
Roma, Private Collection. School of P.P. Rubens, “The Four Philosophers “, Oil on Canvas.
Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.
Milano. Padiglione D’Arte Contemporanea (PAC). Eleven paintings by Mario Nigro (1917-92).

Acrylic on Canvas, Oil on Panel, Oil on Canvas, and Acrylic on Paper mounted on Canvas.
Falorni Collection
Schio, Vicenza. Fabbrica Alta, Five Acrylics on Canvas by Vittorio Matino (1943—). Milano, Mediolanum Farmaceutici Collection. Oil on Canvas by Giuseppe Capogrossi (1900-72). “Superficie 373”, n.d.
Milano, Galleria del Credito Valtellinese, Palazzo delle Stelline. Ten Acrylics on Canvas by Mario
Nigro. Galleria Cafiso, Milano. Tempera on Cardboard by Franco Grignani (1908-99), 1972 “Senza Titolo”.
Milano, Private Collection. Oil on Wood by Dadamaino (1935-2003), 1968 “ Senza Titolo”.
Milano, Palazzo Reale, Soprintendenza ai Monumenti. XVII and XVIII Century Oils on Canvas. Collaboration with Studio Parma.
New York, Bonetti Conservation Studio. Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
New York. Phoenix Fine Art Restoration, XVII Century Oil on Canvas by Gerrit Von Honthoorst
“The Bite of the Fly.” Collaboration with Robert Sawchuck.


Phoenix Fine Art Conservation Studio of Robert Sawchuck and Felicity Campbell, New York. Assistant Art Conservator for Robert Sawchuck. Artists restored included: Chardin, Hopper.
Milano. Melzi Collection, Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil Paintings by contemporary Artists: Arturo Bonfanti (1905-78) Enrico Castellani 1930—), Giorgio Griffa (1936—), Vittorio Matino, Mario Nigro, Claudio Olivieri (1930—), Angelo Savelli (1911-95).
New York. Head Conservator of YSR Studios, owned by Rehs Galleries.
2003 - Present
New York. Opens Maria Scarpini Studio.
New York. XVII Century Oil on Canvas by Luca Giordano, “La Partenza di Giacobbe”. Private Collection. New York. Oil on Canvas by Piero Guccione (1935—). Private Collection.

Monuments, Sculptures, Bas-reliefs, High reliefs, Mosaics.


Roma, Piazza Colonna. II century High-reliefs, Marco Aurelio Column (Colonna Antonina), Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.Roma. Ara Pacis Augustae (13 BCE), Internal and External Reliefs. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma. 


Perugia. Lunette of the Portal of Palazzo Dei Priori. Three XIII Century marble Statues (S. Lorenzo, S. Ercolano and S. Ludovico di Tolosa). Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.


Roma, EUR. Palazzo Pigorini and Museo Nazionale Delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari, External Façade. 1941, “Arti Mestieri e Professioni: la Giustizia “, mosaic by the Futurist Artist Fortunato Depero. “Le Corporazioni”, mosaic by the Futurist Artist Enrico Prampolini. Collaboration with Soc. Rava & C, Torino.Roma, Chiesa di S.Gregorio al Celio. XVII and XVIII Funeral Monuments. Collaboration with Soc.Lemmag, Roma.


Como, Pinacoteca Civica. Marble and Stone Fragments of Carolingian and Romanesque Age; Romanesque Portal of the Monastery of S. Margherita, Como. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.Milano. Apse of The Basilica di S. Ambrogio. IX-XII Century Mosaic. Collaboration with Consorzio Arkè, Roma.


New York, The Guggenheim Museum Sculpture Conservation Department. A Fifty-four pieces Sandstone Sculpture by Bruce Naumann, “ Forced perspectives”. Panza Di Biumo Collection. Under the Supervision of Ms. Eleonora Nagy.

Frescoes and Murals

Roma, Piazza del Campidoglio. Palazzo dei Conservatori. Sala delle Guerre Puniche. XVI Century Frescoes by Jacopo Ripanda. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.

Roma, Palazzo dei Conservatori. Sala delle Acquile. XVI Century Frescoes. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.


Perugia, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria. XV- XVI Century detached Frescoes by Various Artists of (Umbria School) including l’Alunno, Benedetto Bonfigli and Fiorenzo di Lorenzo. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma
Roma. Domus Aurea. Sala del Fauno, Grotesques (frescoes)
Roma, Piazza del Campidoglio. Palazzo dei Conservatori. Sala dei Trionfi. XVI Century Frescoes by M. Alberti and J. Rocchetti. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.


Roma. Chiesa Della Trinita` Dei Monti. XVI Century Frescoes attributed to Pomarancio (Niccolo` Circignani 1553-1626). Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.

Roma. Palazzo Filippo Berardi. XVIII Century, Ceiling Decoration ( Tempera).

Antronapiana, Domodossola. Cappella di S. Maria, XVIII Century frescoes.

Milano. Private residence, XVIII Century, Ceiling Decoration (Tempera).

Orvieto, Duomo. Cappella di S. Brizio. 1499, Frescoes by Luca Signorelli. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.

Milano, Basilica di S. Ambrogio. Cappella di S. Giorgio XVI Century Frescoes by Bernardino Lanino. Collaboration with CBC Coop., Roma.

New York, AMC Empire Theater, 234 W 42nd Street. XX Century Mural Painting. Collaboration with Rustin Levenson Associates, New York.

Writing and Translation

Considerazioni su scelte di ordine estetico nella pratica del restauro negli Stati Uniti”. Progetto Restauro No 10. Il Prato Publisher, Padova, 1999.

Translation of “On Humanism, Aesthetics and the Cleaning of Paintings” by Gerry Hedley. Progetto Restauro Nos. 13, 14, 15. Il Prato Publisher, Padova, 2000.

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